Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two Missions Accomplished

Miss Bloggette wanted to go River Kayaking...
....and The Boss wanted a highly-reccomended Hawaiian massage.

So here we go with photos, photos, photos...

Hanalei River kayaking start

The River narrows

Getting mysterious

Beautiful reflections

Heading back downstream

Three hours of paddling...well worth it!!

                  ••••••••     ••••••••    ••••••••

The next morning The Boss followed up on a "massage tip."

Hawaiian Style

Relaxation Area

Angeline's Porch

Steam room, salt scrub then 4 ladies rotated "stations" as we both were massaged.
....and here's a most beautiful photo of Angeline's neighborhood.

Just another day in Paradise
Bumped into a Bistro Customer

Lunch @ Scotty's BBQ in Kapa'a

BBQ w/a View!!

Then finished up the day at yet another beautiful beach..

Initial View...Moloa'a Beach
The View from our Beach Blankets
Another wonderful couple of days...
      Now it's Thursday, and the search for Taro Burgers continues.

Until next time...Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette

P.S.  Silly photo below.

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  1. Dear Miss Blogette (Melanie) and David,

    Thanks for steering us to your blog with the terrific photos.

    See you in S. F., Chris and Mary, who you encountered at the Hanalei Tropical Tantrum.