Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Settling into the Vacation

"The Boss" is finally getting used to being on vacation.
          Monday's adventure was a drive along a ridge
up Waimea Canyon... but first a quick detour to see the falls.

 Wailua Falls

As we headed up, Niihau (The Forbidden Island) was visible in the distance...inhabited by only 250 native Hawaiians with NO amenities (running water / electricity).

This next sight stopped me in my tracks...
...a bizarre water fall coming down dry-as-a-bone RED dirt.

Aptly named "Red Dirt Falls"

Waimea Canyon was picturesque...but being from beautiful New Mexico,
and having been to the Grand Canyon, we were not as impressed as other tourists.

Got a great snap shot of "The Boss."

Disappointed at the top when we were in the clouds...
 ....but the soft, cool mist was delicious.
If it had been clear, we would have seen down the lush, green of the Napali cliffs to the crystal-clear, aqua-blue ocean...(see "older post" helicopter day).

The sign says it all.

Finished the day with a Pinapple Martini....
Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette       

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