Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Day, Another Beach

Saturday 6/16 morning's sunrise included the moon and 2 planets...

Look closely

Pink cloud and morning moon

Thursday was Hanalei Bay day...excellent swimming here.
...a beach with 2 personalities.

Looking towards the pier
Looking towards the Napali coast

Yesterday was Tunnels Beach...known for good snorkeling.
The day was a bit overcast, so the beach wasn't as crowded as usual.
Miss Bloggette saw lots of different, colorful fish...
but the reef itself was damaged by too much "human impact."

Wish it was sunnier!

...AND in the "food department"...
David found the most wonderful, off-the-beaten-path lunch spot.
The Garden Cafe (in Santa Fe terms)
...a combination of Vinaigrette, Body and Annapurna.

Kalua pork tacos w/kale garnish

Bizarre looking Okinawa sweet potato pie

 A very happy diner ....

David at the Garden Cafe, Kauai

Oh, I forgot to mention...the successful search for a Taro Burger.
...found at a food truck in downtown Hanalei.

@HanaleiTaro ....yummy

After Tunnels Beach, we took the "easy way out"
and returned to the upstairs porch of Bouchons...
and had some intriguing "martinis"....

Nigori sake in a Martini glass..brilliant!

Ahi tuna "martini"

Finished up with a yummy, yummy dessert....
Tempura bananas/carmel/chocolate pencil

Having fun blogging, but it sure does take a long time!!
Hope you're all enjoying it!
See below to see what Miss Bloggette has been eating.......

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