Monday, June 18, 2012

Strong Trade Winds Blow in Unexpected Adventures

The winds have kicked up, so spending an entire day on the beach seems out.
Went to the Hanalei Farmer's Market and watched a local jeweler string delicate, native-to-Kauai shells.
David was thrilled to find truly local food at one stand.

Miss Bloggette bought a single strand of multi-colored shells.
The Boss bought earrings as a gift.

....and now I'm going to string along a whole bunch of photos!

Curried Tofu made by 2 "local ladies" from Bali.

Miss Bloggette had Balinese Chicken.

It was windy and we opted for the pool...

Windy Palms

Sunday (Father's Day) also brought windy conditions...
So we headed off to the southernmost and the westernmost sides of Kauai.

Miss Bloggette almost got blown over taking this picture.

David on the southern tip of the island.

Jumped in the car and discovered an "ancient" Japanese cemetery.

Moss-covered, weather-worn tombstones.

Headed to Poipu...where most of the resorts are. 
Had a great lunch @ The Beach House on Lawai Bay.

The unbelievably beautiful view at lunch.

Best, whitest swordfish The Boss has ever had!

....and we're off to the westernmost "Barking Sands Beach"...
but as advertised, the only way in was 5 miles of washboard...
So we turned around and hit every local's beach we encountered...
All packed with native Hawaiians celebrating Father's Day with friends and families.

David made friends with these guys and we shared food and laughs.

A portion of Salt Pond Beach.

Westside beach near where Captain Cook landed.

Visited the Kauai Coffee Company and did some sampling.

Interesting: How coffee is "made"

Oh, why not cruise Lihue (the main city)..
Oh, why not check out Cafe Portofino (at the Marriott) where The Boss has connections...

The pool at the Marriott (Evening)
Kalapaki Beach @ the Marriott

Incredible View from Cafe Portofino @ the Marriott

Unplanned!! David meets up with the ABQ friends!

AND NOW LET'S END with the ubiquitous roosters that inhabit Kauai.

Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette.

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