Friday, June 22, 2012

Kauai Vacation Draws to an End

Only a few days are left of The Boss's annual vacation.
The weather is mostly cloudy and windy.
I'm going to hit you w/a lot of photos...
But first let's start with "the normal state of affairs"...

The Boss watching TV. Miss Bloggette taking photos

Our last Monday's adventure was a "walk" down to the "Queen's Bath."

Pretty stream on the way down the cliff

The Queen's Bath (wish I had my bathing suit!)

Our last full day dawns......

Final Sunrise

Our BIG event of the day was the evening Luau at the Mediterranean Gourmet.
...held in a small restaurant, it was a PERFECT ending!!

The restaurant was situated on the beach.

The Boss wore his new Hawaiian shirt.

A small portion of the Luau buffet

Dancing and singing throughout 

Graceful dancer

Tahitian style

Grand finale Fire dancer

Time to head home.
Had to checkout @ 11am...but flight was @ 10 pm!!
How we "killed the day"...
It was windy, and the surf was up...

Surfing beach as we slowly made our way to Lihue

Had a delightful lunch @ Caffé Coco

Checked out an authentic Hawaiian Quilting store.

Watched the Locals catch some waves in Kalapaki Bay 

....and find of all finds: Had dinner at a real down-home local Saimin joint.

It was crowded...

...and it was GOOD!

That's it folks!!!
Hope you've enjoyed the blog!!
Another "bonus photo" below, 
....which I have since learned are not permanently attached.
OMG!...the lower 48!

Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette

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