Sunday, June 10, 2012

King Kamehameha Day Weekend /update

Kamehameha portrait
It's a 3-day weekend...Hawaii's 4th of July.

Walk / Hike to SeaLodge Beach
Sunscreen a must!!
Finally got around to checking out "our own" beach.

Definitely bringing snorkeling gear tomorrow!!

...Why not?!   Hit the St. Regis down the road for Sunset Cocktails...

Valet parking de rigueur

St.Regis Lobby

42 dollars worth of cocktails.

Blowing Conch Shell
Sunset ceremony for the tourists...

Saber-Wacking open Champagne 

St. Regis view

Enough of this "stuffed shirt" business...
.......on to a popular downtown Hanalei restaurant: "Postcards"

The best seat in the house!!

A great real relaxing quite yet.
         ...Maybe we'll have a relaxing Sunday??

Sunday's Tranquil Sunrise
Yes...we had a very relaxing day.
....but I must add Sunday evening's remarkable event below...unreal!!
                Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette


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