Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Full Day on Kauai

My, my, my...keeping up with this everyday is going to be a challenge!
Will try.....but can't make promises.

First morning with passing storms and peaks of sun.
This is not a "black and white" photo.

Took a "scoop-the-loop drive" to the "end of the road."
River making its way to the ocean.
Here are some sights:

Hanalei Church

Wet Cave

That cave was huge and spooky. I should have had people for "scale."

Had lunch overlooking "downtown Hanalei"...
Almost cartoon-like with all the colorful movement from our balcony perch.

Miss Bloggette hit the pool, while The Boss watched basketball play-offs.

A lucky sign after a passing shower.  

...and then it's sunset time 

I've lost control of my cursor, so it's time to go.
I hope you're finding this all amusing...but for a big smile, see the large photo below.
Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette

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