Monday, March 14, 2016

Tuesday...Soup Update on an Exciting Week.

St. Patrick's Day • Spring Break • Bullriding in ABQ
   Soup today:
            Hungarian Mushroom*
            Smoked Turkey Wild Rice
            Cream of Asparagus*
            Curried Pumpkin*
            Thai Chicken Noodle
            Turkey Barley Vegetable
            Spicy Red Lentil* 

Turkey Barley will change to >>>
        Manhattan Clam Chowder* later.

Annual St. Patrick's Day special served 3/16 and 3/17...
Corned Beef, Cabbage, Boiled Potatoes and Steamed Carrots
Served w/ Mustard & (fabulously delicious) Horseradish Cream Sauce
    Priced at $12.95....only on Wednesday and Thursday.

Also The Boss is looking forward to his yearly trip to ABQ to see
     Ty Murray Invitational Bullriding event at The Pit.

Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette

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