Friday, December 21, 2012

12/21/12 SOUP

If the world hasn't ended, come have some soup:
            Hungarian Mushroom*
            Platinum Potato Roasted Garlic**
            New England Clam Chowder
            Curried Pumpkin*
            Chicken Matzo Ball
            Split Pea w/Ham*
            Vegan Minestrone
            Vegetable Barley Dill

Platinum Potato and Curried Pumpkin are "in jeopardy."
            Sweet Pepper Bisque**
            Mexican Cheese and Corn Chowder *
•••Chicken Gumbo available for COLD take-out••• 

Celebrate Winter Solstice with:
A Nice Hunk of Carrot Cake
Get out and make this short day great!!
                Yours truly, Miss Bloggette

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